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What We Do

Below is a list of the kinds of research we do. (Click to view or simply scroll down.)

Territory Projects


We like to think about ‘positioning’ as exploring a territory.


Our goal is to explore how people bring to life a positioning territory in the natural context of their lives…what moves, rings true, engages, captures their attention and their imagination.


This approach encourages a very real ‘people-generated vernacular’ around a concept or positioning.


Typically, we guide the core client team in developing a range of images, photos, words and short phrases that represent the key elements of a positioning territory.  These can include intrinsic properties to do with the nature, attributes and benefits of the product/brand as well as extrinsics that represent a lifestyle context.

Creative Development Research


Our workshops encourage participants to play catch with creative ideas, not throw darts at them.


QRC will design a group process and work with stimulus material that helps our clients understand and judge what has the potential to grab people’s imagination, connects in a unique and special way…and leaves people thinking and feeling all the right things about your brand.


Creative development research should brighten, open, stimulate and focus the creative process.  Good creative work in groups allows the participants to feel as though they are part of the process, not judges of it.

International Projects


Internationally, you can count on the same high level of project design, quality recruitment, moderating, interpretation and analysis that you get from QRC in the U.S.


Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with research partners in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  We always build in time in the field to personally brief, refine the process and debrief together.  It may take a little longer, but it is the reason we are able to integrate culturally sensitive insights into the big picture global perspective.

Courses and Training


Over the years, QRC has been asked to train young planners and researchers. We now offer training workshops in the basics of good qualitative research, and we can custom design sessions for individual companies and agencies. Our goal is to raise participant understanding of the qualitative processes, and to help them develop the practical skills necessary for effective moderating. Our two-day sessions are designed and run as a small group, combining a theoretical grounding with actual moderating experience.


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