The Qualitative Research Centre.  'Putting a human face on the business of marketing.'

About QRC

In 1985 Vicky Johns and Arnie Jacobson left research and advertising jobs in London and opened QRC in LA.  Vicky bought a triple white Volkswagon Rabbit Cabriolet and Arnie a red GTI.  They were young.


Lisa Gray worked at Chiat Day and was our first client.  Lisa had a Labrador, drove a Celica, and joined us as a Partner the following year.


And, somehow, nearly thirty years have passed.  Each project still kicks off with the simple desire to do great work and make a difference.  And each partnership is still a relationship we value and are hugely grateful for.


It might just be that having one very simple thing to believe in has kept us going…that spending real time, really together, matters.  And, that knowing how to foster the energy and potential within a group of people is a truly extraordinary thing.



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